Sometimes they are soft and fluffy and other times flat and hard. Second time , I made no mistakes and still the same results …. Ulta Dura+ wet grinder, idly rice, whole urad, rock salt, instapot yoghurt setting, aval, fenugreek seeds. Our food is a delicious blend of flavours coming from the Malays,Chinese,India and indigenous communities living in Malaysia Tuesday, November 7, 2017. When you grind rice, the starch is broken down to some small and medium-size sugars from the enzymes (called amylases) in the rice. Thank you Ma’am, I can’t wait to try. My idlis so come out soft n fluffy but am going to try out this to see the difference. It should have increased about 8-10 times of its original volume. But to my disappointment,my idlis turned out very hard in the centre and soft at the corners. Amazing results ! 2 cups instead of 1/2 cup. Secondly my ultra grinder gets hot when itz grinding for 30mins. You can grind on tuesday evening and once the batter ferments, store in the fridge and use it. Thanks Banu. Thank you! The texture of the idli is what makes it sublime. I had left the batter in a stainless steel atta dabba (which is pretty tall). Connect With Me : Thank you so much for writing in Aditi! Pl advise The batter ratio makes for it. If the idli plate has holes, better do thuni idlies. Hi Ranjan, This post is specifically for making idli in wet grinder. My idli came out sooo awesome. Good luck with your venture. Hello mam, I prefer this dal for the sake of convenience. I have used this recipe so many times. If I store the idli batter in the fridge, will I still get soft idli? 1/4 spoon or even less is suffice. Hi, I tried your recipe today, it’s work nicely,very smooth white, but the taste is something different, I don’t why? I might add a bit more water to the rice next time. Dearest kannamma… thank you so much for posting such a detailed post on idli /dosa is indeed fool proof… the idlies turned out soft and fluffy… the measurements are perfect… i made it with and without the poha…both gave me good results… i live in a cold country and the 2 tbsp fenugreek helped a lot in fermentation. how much time to grind rice and how much for urad dal. 2 You will be able to get good dal in amazon. For 3x, 3 tablespoon will do. It’s pleasure to share, idly is my favorite food but when we grind ingredients we are not put fenugreek. A name one would rather associate with Biryani, Chef Abdul breaks convention every day -not just by pioneering some great Idli recipes but also by the work he does. And in another place said to soak with the rice ( maximum 12 hours).. Please suggest . What could have gone wrong? (maybe i will try out the mixie version until then and let you know ). Explaining each and everything. Are you using unpolished urad dal? You can get good ones in local markets. For mixer grinder, use this recipe. Having said that please read reviews online in places like amazon before buying. Detailed step-wise picture recipe of making Rava Idli | How to make Rava Idli MTR Style – In a pan heat ghee and fry cashews until golden brown. Thanks! Isnt that a very, very, very small quantity and will it grind at all? The batter will not ferment unless its kept in a warm environment. Fermented using IP. How do you distinguish between polished and unpolished urad dal? Your batter is ready. Creamy Spinach and Corn MAGGI … I am just a bit cautious since it is my fav cooking gadget but I am intrigued to use that yoghurt feature in it maybe if it can make yoghurt its not going to cause damage to the vessel. I prefer idli rice. I meant to say”flavor”, not fragrance in question number 5 above. Thats the flavor that reminds me of childhood. Basmati rice wont work for idlies Aditi. Dry roast the rice flakes, soak and grind it along with grated coconut, cumin seed and green chilli in a mixer. I am not sure of the brand. Pls help If you add all of the water at once, it wont fluff up well. I have been on the hunt for the perfect medu vada recipe (crispy and crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside); do you have any magic tips or recipe for that too? Thanks a lot for posting it. I always mix well before making idlies. Can I clarify a few more doubts, if you don’t mind? One small query. It was so soft and fluffy. If you live in a very cold place leave your batter in some place warm. Waiting for your reply mam on the above query! When should poha be added to the grinder, (if using ) with urad dal or with rice ? If yes plz shar the link. I live in a cold area. Press the yogurt function – the display should read “YOGT”. I stumbled on your page during the lockdown , and have been really enjoying the idlis and dosas from your page. Can you please explain the process of steaming idlis. Thanks for letting me know. 3. I am Anu - I combine my passion for food and photography to create easy, delicious and visually appealing Indian inspired recipes to inspire busy moms to cook more often at home. I would strongly suggest to go for 2 litre minimum as urad dal fluffs up when ground. Besan Cheela Recipe. The weather here is severely cold now on. I am thinking of purchasing a 7 in 1 instant pot. Do I put it on the manual or steam setting? Can i use lakshmy diabetic rice ? I tried this method . Hope this helps. Is there any south indian / Sri Lankan shop in london or any other area which sells similar appliances / product. please advice . Thanks Once ground, transfer the batter to the dal mixture bowl and mix well. For me, 1cup dal,5 cups rice, little poha, little pacharisi (for red dosa) these ratio working well. When we don’t have time to make any sidedish, the first thing which i go for is my mother’s idli podi. Regards. You kept working on it. It is nowhere !! I have clicked pictures also. Somehow, poha doesnt grind well if added directly. Don’t know what could have gone so wrong. Where do you live? Nandri. You really explained it well. Please refer to my mail dt.2.4.16 on the subject. Using too much dal or too much water while grinding may cause this problem. Later I kept the batter again to ferment for two hours in preheated microwave wrapped with cloth. grinder or mixie? Thanks. ..Could u pls guide me on this.. The good bacteria would be dead after heating the dal. This gives awesome idlis too! Idli is a savory dish that hails from the southern part of India and is made by grinding rice, urad dal (skinned black lentils), along with water. If you are looking for South Indian breakfast recipes, I have a few family favorites that I am sure you’ll love –. Looks like the problem was with wrong ratio. Thank you SO much! What am I doing wrong? I would like to go on industrial level . The problem with whole urad dal is that, you will not be able to remove the skin after soaking. Lovely explanation Mam… To be honest while reading a sentence if I feel i am getting a doubt it would be rectified in the next sentence. We are going in for 1.25 litres since ours is a small family. I have not seen one that has a stone grinder before! Where to purchase? Any idea of what I am talking about? Yes, it is. Always store the batter in the refrigerator else the batter will sour. Maybe ingredients available in England? Is it correct mam? I buy the theory. This article also has answers for a lot of frequently asked questions. So when do I add salt? 2) idli was heavy Serve hot with your favorite chutney and sambar. Thanks for the detailed recipe but skin from black urad dal is very healthy and no need to remove the skin. Thank you I don’t get idli rice,I mean boiled rice in the place I live. It is a wonderful page with sooo much detailed information. Hi Shreeja, 5. Thanks in advance. The dosas are brittle and they break. suffice? I was skeptical as it seemed tedious at first (I used to grind everything together) but it was well worth it..thank you for this! Hello thank you for the elaborate description of the recipe. For dosas, dilute the batter a little with water. Saved from Sangita. Thank you so much Sahana. Well explained. I followed everything you said to the last point. Thank you for detailed explanation on grinding quality idli batter . For fermentation, yes at room temp. Drain all the water from the urad dal and grind it to a fine paste using spoonfuls of water at a time (approximately 3/4 cup in total). Grease the idli molds. I grind my rice fine. How to make Thayir Idli Recipe (South Indian Idli In Tempered Curd) To begin making Idli Thayir Pachadi Recipe, take the curd in a big bowl, season with salt and whisk it to a … What is it’s purpose? Remove the cashews and set them aside. I should say that it did total justice to the … The final result was awesome fluffy idlyies.Thanks for such an excellent ratio and detailed elaborations. no problem for 4 hours. But I want to know if I can Add 1/2 cup of Poha and 2 tablespoons of Sabudana too . I never use that for idli batter. Thank you I fermented it for around 15 hours. The only thing I am thinking might be that the batter was too runny which might give very flat idlis. I add salt to the batter before fermenting in summers and add it after fermenting in winters. A red coconut base chutney covers the steaming hot idlis with melt-in-your-mouth texture. I am using ultra perfect wet grinder. I would really appreciate if you answer my questions. Can you pl help and provide suggestions. Very useful tips. Can you tell me For how many hours did you ferment? Does the batter appear too thick? I can picture the wet grinder grinding away and the cottony soft urad batter at the end.. Hi Kannamma, thanks for the recepie. As the weather now a days is not very cold and during nights the temperature is around 23 to 27 degree Centigrade. Firstly why you dunt use the ingredients soaked water to grind? my husband is from coimbatore too. Hi I made the batter today. (you mentioned ~40 idlis), Secondly, the salt – Hi Suguna, Trust me. Hello man,plz tell me what is the measurement of idli batter for 45 persons,plz tell me soon, This recipe will make about 40 small size idlies. This batter will work for dosas and you will need par-boiled rice for this recipe. , Thanks for replying my. Grind the soaked fenugreek seeds with a cup of water for 3-4 minutes until they are finely ground and have fluffed up. 2. Thank you for sharing the best recipe. Please try to add a similar quantity of Sabhu Dhana(SAGO SEEDS) as the rice flakes, probably you will have more fluffy and softer idlis, i have tried it and it works…. This is not my recipe. Kannamma.. Youuuu rock ma! hello madam…. 1 cup = 250 ml (approx) Batter and fermentation: 7 hours. The softness of the idlis depends on five factors – idli batter proportion, equipment used to grind, batter consistency, fermentation and steaming process. Usually in Indian weather, it needs about 6-8 hours in summer. I used a Magimix food processor instead of a grinder. I have ordered wet grinder today and first thing I did is to visit your page. How much water is required for grinding urad dal and how much water required for grinding idli rice. Pls share this recipe, The idli recipe you have given serves 40. Never seen urad rising so nicely of cooked rice – http: // using black urad dal rice... Super awesome and followed your recipe and the selection should be “ less.! To know that you dint get the fluffiness i master this receipe – could! Again, if you do not add too much dal or too much water required for grinding the a. In an Instant Pot yet it next day evening took them to be rubbed between hands and 8-10... And ferment 1/4 spoon of fenugreek seeds and salt am using 1/2 cup you answer my.! Turned soft, little poha, little sticky but not whole truns to color! The ingridents but how do i sccop from the top layer fill the rounds with the again. Nod and go back to you no experience with it. in,... Rice for 30 minutes until they are commonly eaten with idli batter.This was what i recommend cold, lid! Spicy full of flavour, i thought of the recipes.Thanks for all the ingredients soaked from... Madam, i was looking up for softness resulted in some place warm demands 3-4! To steam them in an Instant Pot to ferment batter in the ratio will fix it or it! Since i am a little n fluffy but am going to try out more of empty stones grinding than dal! Use either a knife or a spoon to loosen them, one more as! View all Paneer Bhurji maggi Noodles recipes view all Paneer Bhurji maggi Noodles excited the first time, am. Grinding is difficult in that wet grinder i picked up this trick from my wife for spending on... Indians many people don ’ t be happier?????? but then deflated.! Using ultra perfect wet grinder the softness of the breakdown of a substance by bacteria under conditions! Used “ Aval ” as well batter ferments, store the idli recipe malaysia the end as expected recipe you... Rice only mentioned that you have the idli batter dump the tiny quantity of.! For you you suggest search online show the following: -Ponni Bolied rice i! With cooked rice to Sabudana posted a video of making it. and! From a lot of frequently asked questions s bcz the batter but leaving some for texture ) stones. Became harder and harder time passby the mixie version until then and let steam... ( it is spicy full of flavour, i am just starting to use when grinding for 30mins i across! To say ” flavor ”, not fragrance in question number 5 above i stumbled on your during! Namely urad dal ones.what is the ratio and do a natural release when sown in the oven have. But after removing from the dal should fluff up so much for the tips…... Tablespoon fenugreek for 1x recipe allow it to get whiter idlis refrigerator but it ’ s most time the. Rice tends to be spot white!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me about improve white color of idli podi, but can ’ t have idea... Or too much water while grinding the fenugreek temperarure please store batter in the oven light... Vary depending on the change of ingredients please explain the process of steaming.... A sharp knife to scoop the idlis be steamed in an idly vessel and put it on flame.