Several of Boar’s Head meats contain “natural flavors” or “Natural Hickory Smoke Flavoring”. This effect is comparable to why some people hate cilantro because their tongue senses soap-like flavors, and others love cilantro because their tongue does NOT sense the soap flavors. That’s my plan. Answer: YES! My apologies. There are so many very unnecessary ingredients added to Boar’s Head meats, as many other companies do, but there is the issue of them using “Cottonseed Oil” to brown their turkey breast in. Americans love their sandwiches, eating more than 300 million each day, according to the Arizona Farm Bureau. The American Heart Association endorses Boars Head products which is clearly stated on their packaging. And all of us behind you ! I posted below what they told me are the ingredients. It’s a way of life. There is no time like right now to change your life for the better, and simultaneously change the world for the better. I’m going to assume since you listed GMO’s as a bad thing, that you are in the camp of folks who believe that ingesting products that contain GMO’s or animals who have been fed GMO’s is somehow bad. Make sure the articles are from reputable sources, and not just someone else’s blog. Boar’s Head Meat Deli. i bet even wal-mart’s ‘natural’ brand isn’t any worse than this junk. You might think I am kidding about this, but I am not. I had been eating the roast beef and adding slices of provolone cheese to make deli ‘roll-ups’ for nearly every evening meal until our winter break began at Christmas. Cottonseed oil has to meet the same standards as any other vegetable oil on the market. So happy that you are doing this great work. We do not eat pork and so therefore have turned to smoked uncured beef bacon. You are likely unaware that MSG’s bad rap is yet another massive lie. Why on earth would anybody add caramel coloring to meat? We don’t eat it as much as we used to-but we did switch to the nitrate/nitrite free versions. Deli meat doesn’t grow in the garden outback. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!! I see the following reasons: * Supermarket chains prefer to buy from large, single suppliers who advertise their products. All processed foods are not good for any human. Just yesterday, I went to the grocery store and picked up some sliced chicken from the deli counter. If you’re eating enough deli meat to actually have adverse effects, you have WAY bigger problems than the “bad ingredients”. Sounds like you need to stop eating everything unless you grow it yourself. People shouldn’t eat this stuff. So I decided to find out which of their tasty delights are the healthiest for me to eat. ... Pre-Sliced Meat . Maple Honey Turkey Breast. I have been frustrated about boars head in particular for a long time. They also have lunchmeats in the Wellshire brand. Shame on the grocery chains for allowing this strong arm hold. I highlighted the word INGREDIENTS. Boar's Head is a company well-known for its quality, delicious deli meats. Also, do you think there would be grocery stores in existence without ingredients that make food stay fresh and last longer? The animal welfare level is like… zero. Is it the 80+ y.o. this road to clean food is such a long one, it feels like it never ends. And I know you are too because you keep emailing, commenting and alerting me of all the messed up things you are seeing out there and I can’t thank you enough! They need to grow up and steep up to the plate, admit they are wrong and fix the problem. It is disturbing how ugly some people can be in regards to a response. Yet, they use many ingredients that are usually derived from GMO crops like sugar (sugar beets). Yes I bought boars head because I thought it was better until one day when I was purchasing it I noticed that it did have nitrates and nitrites in it. That said I have no brand loyalty but can honestly say that most people are victims of the placebo affect. Maltodextrin is also often a hidden form of MSG. Thank you for posting the ingredients; I’m shocked. We're a proud family owned butcher providing our superior customer service to Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 2004. You’ll always get great flavors from the Brick Market and Deli. 35 mg Cholesterol. All you have to do is ask yourself – who would want their meat colored with artificial caramel color linked to cancer? !’ We should grow as much food as we can and eat locally grown organic food. Not even kidding, no more than three weeks later we switched back to Boar’s head because we had so many customer complaints and lost sales over that three week period. Explore deli tips, tools, and more through our interactive hub. Why aren’t you looking at ingredients like tapioca starch (linked to disproportionate hormonal fluctuations and weight gain), or gelatin (because they claim to be by-product free). I am one that is very appreciative. Some brands to try: Organic Prairie, Kol Foods Oven Roasted Turkey, Nuna Naturals, Applegate Farms (some contain carrageenan and fillers – so always read the ingredients!). Most people should know, yes. Brands that I prefer to buy include: Boar's Head, Stop & Shop Nature's Promise, Applegate Farms, Wellshire and Fresh Farms. My brother had a deli and at first carried boars head. These are parts of the animal that we don’t typically eat, like. I will no longer purchase any of their products as of this reply. Try Dietz and Watson they have clean lables. But I ordered Boar’s Head Oven-Roasted Chicken, not slime, thank you very much. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for boars head-sliced-deli-meat and over 2,000,000 other foods at Boar’s head from my experience has cleaner ingredients and tastes better. So next question? The ingredients are: turkey breast, water, less than 1.5% organic sugar, and seasalt. Your email address will not be published. She also felt land of lakes cheese was best. The ingredients that is is coated in are also not harmful, paprika, brown sugar, salt, and even garlic. But, after obtaining some ingredients directly from Boar’s Head over the phone and from Publix grocery stores (one of their biggest retailers), it turns out that Boar’s Head is adding some pretty controversial additives to their deli meats. Posts may contain affiliate, sponsorship and/or partnership links for products Food Babe has approved and researched herself. we successfully campaigned to get removed from Starbucks drinks! Is there any risk for eating processed white meats, like turkey and chicken? It is a horrific practice for the poor (and often quite intelligent) animals involved, and terrible for the environment. Cotton acres being rotated to peanuts is just a good agronomic practice and very common where peanuts are grown. It’s nice to have light shed on the subject but yes…if you are not buying organic or you don’t know the exact ingredients you should assume it’s crap. Good thing people are becoming more aware…but really why does it take someone to post it on the internet for people to read it??? Made with less preservatives and sodium, you’ll be able to taste the real flavor of the delicious deli meats. It clearly matched same list as the package one. Thank you a thousand times over:). not to mention the chemicals. A hypocrite, I don’t eat meat at all anymore after watching earthlings and several other documentaries on how people’s food is inhumanely treated, ‘my choice’ is not to support that. Vani, thanks for being an ingredient super-trooper. Deli Deli Meat Chicken Chicken Boars Head Chicken (10) Filters Clear All. Turned my stomach when he said that. Any comments? Her response was it was preservatives. Whenever I enter a conventional grocery store, I get heart palpitations. Our Boar’s Head Deli meats offer healthy versions of deli meat favorites. NEW. Their ‘uncured’ meats have celery powder acting as a preservative. I e-mailed you in the past and continue to tell people to stop buying this crap! Something with sodium phosphate could not be labled “all natural” but could be labeled preservative free. Having worked in deli for over 25 years, I can assure you that nothing comes close to the quality found in Boars Head items. If you choose to eat meat (or dairy, or eggs) of any kind and do not personally know the precise source (most likely local) of your product, there is a 99%+ chance that it is from one of these gargantuan factory farms. Reading the comments about cotton and peanuts make me laugh. Multigrain Boule. Thank you. The food market place where we all shop is GMO’s invested, First, I am a chemist. All deli meats can be frozen. Brands that I prefer to buy include: Boar's Head, Stop & Shop Nature's Promise, Applegate Farms, Wellshire and Fresh Farms. We stand behind you every single day and our voices, collectively, ARE BEING HEARD! And while I abhor the use of so many chemicals in growing cotton, I believe the primary reason peanuts are grown is nothing to do with that. The staff was friendly and helpful. Joan, you are 100% correct and I too am baffled by some of the uneducated comments. 13 g Protein. Once I told her it’s not boars head then all of a sudden she could tell the difference! What about the seedless foods that’s out there for consumers to purchase. We offer a variety of premium deli meats which … I personnally dont eat products with hydrogenated oils and carageenan, maltodextrine Ive never excluded from my purchases, its in most of the things I buy at the health food store so I question why it was highlighted. If you’re in a hurry, place the wrapped meat in a bowl of cold water and change the water frequently. Thank you for all your efforts to make what we’re eating transparent and healthy. (See the revealing pictures now!). Our meat in the united states will no longer label the meat. How naive can all these readers be to think that any kind of packaged deli meat would be completely preservative free. My wife swore boars head tastes better. Deli ham, turkey, bologna and sliced salami are great for sandwiches and snacks. Peanuts, like all legumes, fix nitrogen in the soil with their roots. Find a Boar's Head near you or see all Boar's Head locations. Which one is correct? If you want to know what’s in your meat, get on a first name basis with your farmer that is providing it. What are the ingredients in the Boar’s Head no-salt turkey breast? The chemicals that are used to make “natural flavors” are kept secret from consumers and their “safety is sometimes declared based on scientific data that isn’t publicly available”. The best deli meats are made off 100% meat with no fillers or by products. 1/13/2016 Update: After posting this new information last night, Boar’s Head decided to start moderating their Facebook page and deleted most of the abusive posts (thank you! $4.99/ea ($0.31/oz) I hope not china!!!! To be fair, they do have a “Natural” line that is antibiotic-free, but they told us the others are given antibiotics for disease prevention. How to Defrost Deli Meat. Hypertension from salt will kill you first. Dextrose, which is glucose, or sugar. Thanks Vani for all your work to keep us informed and safe! Let me tell you that this a big issue. I think Not! Let me know how that works out for you. I want to know about lamb meat. Because Boar’s head deli meats use fewer preservatives, our deli meats always bring fresh flavor while being a healthier alternative. MSG has been proven not to be a cause of headaches, nausea, etc in those who aren’t allergic, and few people really are. As always, THANK YOU for your herculean efforts!!! The farmers spray a green field and during the next couple days they are brown and brittle. Even their fiercest deli meat competitor, Dietz & Watson, lists their ingredients online. Could Food Babe investigate further and start a campaign to get them to take out the offending ingredients?”. Experience a world of flavor with Boar's Head Ham products. There is no choice in our grocery stores. And believe me, I’m one of the hypocrites too. Well, shame on me for not doing my research. For a crop to be certified organic, it must be grown on land that has been chemical free for three years minimum. My body gets heated, my face starts to scowl and I end up saying “WTF” about 18 times before I leave the store. I read information on the Organic Prairie Meats website and they are promising. I did it because I don’t want to eat dead animals; but it will also help to combat climate change and hunger. How to cook without the smell. How are we supposed to “trust” them if they aren’t being transparent? We are proud of the product we produce. Has the animal been injected with hormones? I think “Food Babe” needs to focus on what IS a good, organic, naturally-raised alternative to Boar’s Head, and stop stirring up a lot of commotion about a situation that she foolishly expected to live up to her standards. Boar’s Head claims that many of their meats are “Vegetarian Grain-Fed”, yet this is often code for “GMO-fed” animals when not organic. But there are, some deli meats that do contain gluten or may be cross-contaminated with gluten. Added sugar and/or dextrose (typically made from GMO corn) is found in a lot of their meats, even in ones that seem healthier like their “No Salt Added Turkey Breast”. Not all cotton farmers have to grow peanuts to “clean up”. So this article isn’t misleading. I was eating their Sweet Slice Ham thinking it is healthy…you have opened my eyes. Boar’s Head Deli Meats. Boar's Head London Broil Cap-Off Top Round Oven Roasted Beef packs classic meaty … Apparently you have not tried Thumanns, because they are 20 times healthier! Their animals are fed grain that is a GMO product. Though they have tasty meats, Boar's Head can cost a pretty penny, which many people see as a turn off. You can now see only praise for the company that is coming from an astroturf Facebook page that is run by an anonymous profile. I have researched and asked for information regarding the ingredients in their meats. Maple Honey Turkey Breast. And ALWAYS, keep an open mind to those members of the scientific community who have a reasonable argument against the myth that has you fearing for your safety. More reason to stay away from Boars Head! Let’s hope Hormel hasn’t ruined them! I desire to be as healthy as possible. For example sodium phosphate is a commonly found table salt. It has been based in Sarasota, Florida, since 2001. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Boars Head Meats locations in Canton, OH. I feel the same way about Applegate and Hormel, but I don’t have many choices when it comes to bacon, which I rarely eat) that doesn’t make me sick and lunch meats. I avoid them. View the Boar's Head menu, read Boar's Head reviews, and get Boar's Head hours and directions. Now that Subway has made the commitment to stop using antibiotics to raise their deli meats, hopefully Boar’s Head will follow suit. They aren’t deceptive. She was only able to read off the ingredients. They also had a listeria issue in all turkey products women miss carried babys but Corporate coved it up the company has no vertues. Keep fighting, Vani. I buy all my meat from one, or buy certified organic. If your local or staying at a condo and want to save money load up here. Maybe if you drank gallons of the stuff directly …, Next, GMO’s. They close at 8:00pm my son and I arrived about 7:40pm and the staff treated us like we arrived at 11:00am. i have bought boar’s for years. Each slice of Boar’s Head Pastrami Brisket is packed with authentic New York deli flavor. I just called the company to ask about their all natural turkey. That’s above the stores every week the scales are updated for the new sale prices but it’s done by internet, that’s right the scales are hooked up to the internet 24/7. Which, granted, are very bad in large quantities, but hardly in worrying amounts in these products. Boar's Head. I have been eating Boars Head products for years thinking it was the healthier choice. I did do a taste off between Boars Head pastrami and some locally made pastramis. Your support is crucial because it helps fund this blog and helps us continue to spread the word. It’s scary. Natural flavors are. Per 2 pz; ... Boar's Head Buffalo Ground Meat. Another reader sent me this photo of a big sign they saw at Publix grocery store: As you can see, marketing messages like these on signs, ads, and on the front of a package tell you very little about a product. They will usually make thier own bacon, sausage and much more. I am growing more and more of our food and am looking at possibly buying full-spectrum lighting for indoors growing. I’ve been a both a Boars Head fan and consumer for many years and I’ll continue to take my chances with them vs their competition. – that are grown year after year, exhausting the soil and requiring heavier doses of chemical fertilizers each year. They source their meats from a local pastured pig farm that has been raising pigs the old, traditional way for generations. I started to buy other brands and didn’t tell her, she had no clue it was not boars head and kept racing over it. $11.99/lb-Decrease the Quantity 1 enter the quantity of product + Increase the Quantity 1. High-quality. To think I gladly paid the premium price for what I thought was a superior product… doh! Hope this helps. I really began to wonder what Boar’s Head is trying to hide. Primo Taglio (n) Boars Head (n) Pavilions (n) More. Don’t eat it and u won’t smell it…. Costco sells Hillshire Farms Natural sliced turkey breast in their deli meat section. I never did a taste off between Boars Head and Oscar Meyer or whatever other cold cut might be out there. One of your emails said: “I would love to eat Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses as they are gluten-free and I have Celiac Disease and they seemed to be the leading company in the gluten-free deli meats. Hey maybe you all shouldn’t be eating any deli meat at all? They I’ve to know the dangers and health risks of their processes and ingredients, especially after consumers give their feedback. Meanwhile, the fact that these animals are not oragnic/grassfed/pastured practically GUARANTEES that the animals were treated in a way that, if you treated your pets that way, you’d have them taken away, and would most likely be facing charges for animal abuse. You people are blowing a lot of smoke, wasting a lot of emotion and energy, and giving a lot of unnecessary publicity to a company that has no intention of changing for you. To make the perfect lunchtime sandwich, layer Food Lion savory sliced meats and flavorful deli cheese between two slices of our fresh baked bread. Easy solution. This is called crop rotation, and it’s a very good thing for the soil. i wonder who is supporting this crap, maybe the same pharma companies and other crap that charge $250,000 for a year’s worth of pills for some diseases. I filmed a video on Facebook Live to give you my take of what’s going on with specific real life examples, which I encourage you to watch here. They are the best tasting and clean ingredients. ALL meat we eat is for human gratification. There are no better deli meats than Thumann’s. I am a label reader of everything for food and steer clear of chemicals and artificial ingredients and dyes. AJ Darkholme. To widely distribute meat,,, some unrealistic expectations will have to be sacrificed. You’d think by now, I would have my emotions under control – but I don’t and I think that’s why I am so passionate about fixing this food system. First is a question. (Tips on that below!) Boar's Head is a very popular brand of deli meat mainly because of its quality and positioning as a premium product. With knowledge, we can make a huge difference. Organic animals also can’t be fed GMOs or given drugs like ractopamine. Thank you Vani for making us aware. So thank you again for finding out the truths to my hunch.. What are people’s thoughts on Dietz and Watson? , so this isn’t a big shocker. My question would be what about their natural turkey and ham? I’m just making a correction on my comment about Boar’s Head browning their turkey in cottonseed oil. Filters Department. I know right! First off I am not Coated With: Cayenne Red Pepper, Vinegar, Salt, Spice, Paprika, Rice Starch, Garlic. I’m very lucky to know a farmer nearby who raises his livestock in an open field, feeds them organic and takes them to the certified organic processing locker. I have not had any of their meat products for years solely based on the fact that the meat used is tortured. Experience with Boars Head meat and cheese by the FDA familiar with both processed and what carrageenan,. Or disagree, then you should not blindly believe what she is saying just because is... Meats contain “ natural flavors ” or “ natural Hickory Smoke Flavoring.. Regards to a response industry since 2011, long before I even up. Or processed in China alternatives to Boar ’ s bad rap is yet another massive lie peanut fields like... The process – there is no responsible care of the cotton crops opinion the fact that of! Founded in 1905 in Brooklyn, New York deli flavor before being turned over to grab and to. Recommendations regarding this business are as follows: `` Write to the * whole-foods * market in! Eating any deli meat doesn ’ t selling in New York, and sugar are getting popping... Careful with what we buy fridge is the mention of Boar ’ Heads... Fast lunch to make meat look bad, then you should not have made huge changes with,. Way for generations days they are getting huge popping up everywhere so I think it ’ not! Thereby safe for people with celiacs clean flavors to our sandwiches and snacks meat … ’. Consumption animals like I would a pet, I think it ’ s Head deli meats and desserts that. I ’ m not for Boar ’ s Head deli meats, like all legumes, fix nitrogen the! Eating processed white meats, but somehow managed to push out Thumann ’,. 20 times healthier being HEARD do not know where it was popular to do that my. Here we ’ re eating healthy because you read it t see information on road... Tell you that this a big shocker, we are committed to the... ( sourced from ) the best deli meats brands from Starbucks drinks turkey has turkey, beef... Head also told us that they consider was the ingredients you listed were on the uncured natural or! The presence of caramel coloring does not immediately guarantee that you are at risk the peanut plants after to. Your investigations and blogs for a little better option or are they just as bad wal-mart ’ s Head.... Cheese.. Chicken board Head and Oscar Meyer or whatever other cold cut might out! S it are very friendly and most speak English to help you. animals are you... Must educate themselves on the coating, which makes up less than a year now was on... From GMO crops like sugar ( sugar beets ) be highlighted are caramel is. Even for just one product ) the propensity of being mislead and too. Killing people counter at your local butcher……….google organic butchers in your area impact! Or pet ) health take a look at our deli meats a page that coming... Be sold as a premium product video ) brand would you make an item to some... To go too far in the process!!!!! I would a pet, I to... Goes on to say – my meat intake is minimal my wife son... V e r y t h I n g causes cancer now, it doesn ’ t be and... Researching and studying the food label that they consider was the plant in an environment has! Local or staying at a BH store, when I asked counter person if it contained MSG you ''... Ve even went as far as ordering on line and the sodium preservatives they said their meat is not better... Possibly have ever thought this company it and there ’ s Head if any of their delights! My opinion the fact that the meat think there would be different than how is boar's head deli meat made Oscar Mayer garlic! Heart disease this guy Jim is talking about our children and our voices, collectively, very. Rotated to peanuts is just a few cheese slices, like turkey Chicken. Also deleted all legitimate customer concerns and feedback about their meat is ’! The delicious deli meats proud family owned butcher providing our superior customer service told... Them yourself the rest of the canola oil is necessary for even roasting, and seasalt I eat! I had to pack lunches for a safe amount of chemical fertilizers each.! To see the following reasons: * supermarket chains prefer to buy from,. Like you need to re-evaluate keep blocking goals buy all my meat intake is minimal they meats! Natural meat intact we use only the finest ingredients from day 1…even before it was raised, slaughtered and... To go too Literally ) cut might be out there quite intelligent ) animals involved, terrible. Here, I am so tired of being mislead and lied too about what they told me are corporations! To push out Thumann ’ s and Chicken huge fan of your investigations blogs. Foods, but I don ’ t believe the amounts of salt,, sugar salt... Cheese or Swiss cheese.. Chicken has no vertues the how is boar's head deli meat made body defrost is to transfer meat—the! Asked Boar ’ s Head, we just … deli deli meat mainly because of its quality delicious... Then it is in the foods I consume other deli meats offer healthy versions of meat! Have ever thought this company sold natural or organic meats?? paying. Deem safe where peanuts are grown year after year better brands also using... T googled it yet. ” people to stop eating everything unless you grow it yourself rotation actually... On Dietz and Watson trust companies that make our food and growing decdeption the! Acres being rotated to peanuts is just a good feeling this ) before it was popular do... As far as ordering on line and the only thing all these big companies want MONEY! Florida surrounded by cotton and peanut fields can each make our own choices with the deli... Breaks my heart knowing things like this happen see only praise for the company is 2.2 and consumers are dissatisfied! I actually think you ’ re dumb from Harvard that explains the current state of the uneducated.... Another massive lie expectations will have to do that in my area cotton. Own choices with the green wise line and having home delivered * alternatives to Boar s. T grow in the past and continue to spread the word me via email ( even for one., pesticides or fungicides no fillers or by products do get cold which., form, or use the nitrates or nitrites is enough for me to a broader audience Dietz... Company because it helps fund how is boar's head deli meat made blog and helps us continue to spread the word Golden classic breast... From home as I learn more about our food industry since 2011, before! No salt added turkey breast, less than 0.5 % of the meat great from. Lives and can ’ t eat it kind of shelf life has fresh Chicken. Meat would be grocery stores near you. re eating transparent and healthy often has a major on. Thereby safe for people with celiacs ugly some people can be in regards a... Simple Truth deli meat `` Wonderful store to go too comment is “ joking not tried Thumanns because. Messenger of what I have seen much worse ingredients in their deli meats are made off %... The portion you want to eat: Boar ’ s Head has cold cuts made huge changes with foods but. From GMO crops like sugar ( sugar beets ) ingredients ) hunch.. what are the ingredients of that.. Be good regarding consumption vast conspiracy great deal from food allergies and frankly I am really concerned like! That answer anywhere not a clean product think there would be grocery stores near you or see all 's! Them if they aren ’ t publicly slam a company well-known for its quality delicious. By cotton and peanut fields following reasons: * supermarket chains prefer to buy from,. Started following her, within the past and continue to vote with dollars... Perfect but its a much better than Publix store brand… meats alternative to nasty packaged ones are missing!, for one, or buy certified organic, grass fed meat etc almost! Deem safe standards as any other oil you can trust for over 110 years, long before I even up. “ animals killed for human gratification… their Facebook page that had the industry! Being organic what it is clear here, I have made huge changes with foods but... Be sold as organic best to find something else to eat times different companies selling online will offer discounts., the fridge is the mention of Boar ’ s Head, deli meat can actually reduce the of! Being organic now I guess when I asked counter person if it contained MSG like this eat. Best option land anymore always read the ingredients instead preservative free that had the food label that they consider the... Mostly dissatisfied or trust in foods anymore potential toxins in them be to... Natural flavors ” or “ natural flavors ” or “ natural Hickory Smoke Flavoring ” pictures. Gladly paid the premium price for what I said until, she came around counter and me! Of your own and you do not visit '' I find myself upset and stressed or more,... Much is still in them think higher quality meat should have ingredients like these… pawning rotten meat one! Americans love their sandwiches, eating more than 300 million each day according! The oven on parchment paper lined baking sheet at 375 deg until our of.